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Featured Products

Polyethylene Encasement

Designed for Corrosion protection for Ductile Iron Pipe

Bulk Potato Shipping Bags

Shipping Bags Shipping bags for produce including Potatoes and Carrots.

Irrigation tubing

Designed for row and field crops ranging from alfalfa to sugar beets.

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Mountain States Plastics is and has been a manufacturer of polyethylene film in Colorado for over 43 years. Its’ founder, Henry Gagnon began recycling and reusing film items and other products beginning in the late 1950’s and incorporated this practice at Mountain States Plastics.


Internally, MSP recycles nearly 100% of all items used from waste oil, grease, cardboard, pallets, cores, and of course our scrap film products. We also collect and recycle nearly 500,000 pounds annually of film products from people all over the Rocky Mountain Region either as post- industrial, or post-consumer products. We use these recycled products in many of our trash can bags and several other approved items. We also have a collection program with many area companies. We provide containers to participating companies which, when full, are collected and replaced with new empties. We then inspect and weigh the recyclables and issue funds to those companies.


We continue to improve each year on staying as green as we possibly can and encourage others to do the same.


The polyethylene products we provide are produced from North American, U.S. and Canadian raw materials, and is extruded and manufactured at our facility in Johnstown, Colorado USA.


If you have any further questions related to this or any other subject, please give us a call.